Book of Korvald

Book of Korvald

Release date: COMING SOON

Developer: Punching Donut

Publisher: Shady Corner Games


  • Strong Language
  • Strong Sexual Content
  • Animated Violence
Get ready to embark on a gripping adventure with Book of Korvald! The Book of Korvald takes you on an epic journey through Norse mythology, following the adventures of a previously unknown scribe and his alliance with a powerful supernatural being known as “Qhroth’un”.
The history of Norse mythology is said to have been preserved through oral traditions exclusively, but this is not the truth. You’ll discover that Norse clans had a deeper, more complex history than what was passed down in oral traditions. Written sagas were intentionally destroyed to preserve the reputation of royal families and the church, but Korvald refused to let his stories be silenced. Now, you can experience the epic tale of a hero who fought to preserve a forgotten history and unlock the secrets of an otherworldly being

  • Over 50 different female characters complete with sexual encounters. All raw, hot and fully animated.
  • 200+ different weapons to find or buy from various shops. Axes, Swords, Maces, Whips, Spears, Flails, Daggers, Shields, and Books (yes books).
  • 30+ different artifacts and special off-hand weapons to equip. You could raise the dead Templar knights as zombie minions, inflict plagues on nearby enemies, and even cause certain NPCs (and even some enemies) to strip naked (because… why not?).
  • Korvald will discover the true meaning and origin of runes and runestones. Utilizing his unique insight into this powerful language, he will gain the ability to harness many destructive and helpful forces. Unleash flaming cyclones, lightning storms, arctic blizzards, healing waters and even summon eldritch creatures to aid you in combat.

Even More To Behold
A talent tree comprised of 15 different talents that you can customize
Over 30 unique boss battles
Minigames (fishing, farming, ale brewing, drinking contests, arena battles)
A repeatable roguelike dungeon system
Unlockable galleries for repeat viewing of cinematics and sex scenes
Fully voiced characters
Enter the history books here!