Release date: Oct 15, 2019

Developer: Shady Corner Games

Publisher: Shady Corner Games


  • Strong Language
  • Strong Sexual Content
  • Animated Violence
The mansion is filled to the brim with treaters wanting a sweet reward…

it’s your job to make sure they spend the rest of their afterlife enjoying the sweet nectar of Flambeau’s body.
Flambeau is a sexy thicc candle girl who needs souls to reach a peak of pleasure. With many traps and treats set its only a matter of time before Flambeau is oozing with excitement.
As you harvest souls you unlock lewd cards you can finger through.
Adventures of Flambeau captured in a collector set. Get more souls needed and prepare to visit her bedroom.
Flambeau returns in a glow up Deluxxx version of her first adventure. With all new graphics and a complete coding overhaul! Sexy new unlockables, lost and cut content and the ability to play BOTH Original and Deluxxx versions of the game, Flambeau Deluxxx is the perfect love letter to our first lewd game!
Over 40 Levels of Soul Crushing Action!
Various Traps to Trick the Treaters!
Dozens of Unlockable Collector Cards & Artwork!
Wacky and Sexy Bosses to Fight!
Unlockable Bedroom Mode!
Deluxxx Mode! (Play the game with all new redrawn graphics and animations!)
1000’s of animation frames!!!
Reworked Code! (Same core mechanics, but now with added lighting, enemy AI and overall feel!
All NEW Kitchen Levels! (Cut from the Original Game) Both in Original and Deluxxx Mode!
New Kitchen themed Traps! (Electricute, lure and cook your prey!)
Remasted Soundtrack by AlteredEgo
Voicework Re-recorded from the Original Cast!
NEW Character: Yurei (Cut from the Original Game) Reworked into the games main story!
NEW Unlockable Bedroom Characters (Toxin, Atropine and Yurei are ready to play)
An ALL NEW Ending! (A new way to end out Flambeau’s Adventure and maybe start a new one…)
All characters in Flambeau Deluxxx are 18+
Original Version: