Girl Vs. Girl

Girl Vs. Girl

Release date: Jun 8, 2013

Developer: Nanakusado

Publisher: Shady Corner Games


  • Strong Language
  • Strong Sexual Content
  • Animated Violence
The classic ecchi title GIRLvsGIRL and creator Nanakusado have now teamed up with Shady Corner Games!
Playing as a treasure hunter you attempt tombs against some well known opponents which can end in violence or a very lewd encounter!

Can you outwit your opponent or find yourself trapped forever!
Our goal with bringing this title to more people in the west is in hopes to fund a sequel or future titles from Nanakusado!
Fun gameplay a tribute to the classic SpyvsSpy games on the NES & Sega Master System!
Meet colorful characters and go toe to toe with the computer in setting the ultimate trap!
Hit the shop and stay equipped for the many battles ahead!
A gallery filled with trap replays and animations all preserved from the original release!
(The game is quite old and has taken a lot to bring it to the west to preserve and let more people play it. The game itself has a lot of content and we intend to let people to play the build in its original state. updates and future content will be for future games.)