Kajun’s Lucid Room

Kajun’s Lucid Room

Release date: Q4 2023

Developer: Lucid Realm Games

Publisher: Shady Corner Games


  • Strong Language
  • Strong Sexual Content
  • Animated Violence
🌟A little Collection of mini games with Kajun-chan.

In this unique sandbox module, players get an up-close and personal look at Kajun-chan’s daily routine.
 🎶 groove to OST beats, 🕵️ inspect 3D details, and catch a virtual 🚿 shower!

🛠️ Fine Body need Fine tuning works!
After the relentless and violent battles with Tentamon,  Kajun-chan must undergo some maintenance. Dive into the role of an engineer and help perfect her body’s mechanisms!

🚿Wash & Scrub off all the dirt bits!
Join in on the fun of Kajun-chan’s bath time, but be prepared to do the scrubbing! The better your scrubbing skills, the more of Kajun you’ll get to wash.

🐣Search for secret eggs!
Participate in a playful game of hide-and-seek with eggs cleverly placed around the room. See if you can be the champion egg finder within the time limit!

💥And more to come in the future updates!
🌟Earn G-points to unlock rewards!
Redeem the G-points earned from mini games to access your rewards! Explore different areas where you can enjoy your winnings.

🎁 Model Viewer !
You have the ability to unlock and deploy holograms of both your enemies and characters In Shred & Tear for a closer and dynamic look!
🎁 Music Box !
Taste the intense blend of blood and metal in the adrenaline-fueled beats of Shred & Tear, a collection of songs uniquely composed for Kajun.

🎁 Reward Picture Shelf !
Dive into the diverse Shred & Tear Omake Comic series, where you’ll discover insights into the game’s lore, enjoy fascinating tidbits, and access exclusive illustrations and wallpapers

🎁 New Photo Mode !
Enhancing the photo mode from the Prototype demo, you can now set Kajun in various animated poses. Expect more options for clothing and animations in future updates!