Monster Girl You-ki Chan!

Monster Girl You-ki Chan!

Release date: May 5, 2020

Developer: Nanakusadou

Publisher: Shady Corner Games


  • Strong Language
  • Strong Sexual Content
  • Animated Violence
Youki-Chan’s R18+ version has arrived!!
-The ryona-packed action game is back with an R-18 version!
-While maintaining the simple controls and quality gameplay, a large number of erotic pixel animations have been added.
-A new stage with a shrunken theme has been added, and the vore elements that were a hot topic for some players have been super-enhanced.
-Let’s enjoy Youki-Chan’s R-18 version, packed full of monster girl lesbian action (including threesomes!) as well as vore!
Monster girl H-attacks and vore, 40 types of erotic pixel animations including threesomes, 8 types of vore
Gallery Mode is available from the beginning, you can use it immediately after purchasing the game!
A solid action game loaded with ryona!
Simple 2-button controls for fighting with the ofuda and axe!
By clinging to walls and ceilings, you can fight freely as you please!
Anyone can clear the game on Easy mode!
Auto-Save and Stage Select features are available! You can stop at any time and resume from your favorite stage!
【InvincSecret commands】

Invincibility mode for 3 minutes: Press the down key 5 times after PAUSE (invalid for some opponents).
Release all stages: ・・・・ Press the Up key five times in stage select.

[A clean version of Monster Girls Youki-Chan (Ver. 1.50) is also for sale!!]

■ If you can’t get it to work due to runtime or other reasons…

Got a runtime Issue?
install “PixelGameMakerMV(DEMO)”.
This will definitely solve most runtime problems.

You can download and install it from the store Tkool official site.