Rhya’s Crusade: The Aradia’s Reavers

Rhya’s Crusade

Release date: 2023

Developer: Black Fortress Games

Publisher: Shady Corner Games


  • Strong Language
  • Strong Sexual Content
  • Animated Violence
Rhya’s Crusade: The Aradia’s Reavers, its an action-packed game with the soul of a Run&Gun classic featuring NES/Famicom palette and resolution with modern elements making a frenetic mix made for players who love retro classics with a naughty side.

This game is for adult audiences who enjoy Hentai and challenging gameplay, throughout the levels, Rhya’s clothes tear apart as she takes damage, being exposed to lewd enemy glares. Stopping the plans of the sex-crazed Reavers could be a dangerous task.
You will play as Rhya, a military-trained archaeologist who seeks to stop the Demon Princess Aradia’s ambition to control the galaxy . Equipped with the most advanced technology and the most powerful weapons, you will face the ruthless army of the little demon.
As a Run&Gun you can expect a lot of explosions, projectiles flying everywhere and a lot of enemies.
At the end of every level you will face a powerful Boss, defeat them to unlock an animated Hentai CG featuring Rhya herself.
Find the hidden beacons and destroy it to obtain a tape, which contains a Hentai CG featuring various characters and story in the Rhya’s Crusade universe.
7 levels, 7 bosses with an animated H-Scene each.
28+ collectible static H-Scenes hidden in each level.
9+ Different Weapon Modules to ease Rhya’s mission.
Chiptune music for an iconic retro feel.
Fascinating lore throughout the game to learn more about Rhya’s universe.
Score and Time challenges to unlock collectibles, scenes, etc.
Complete first Level of the game including a animated H-Scene with dialogues.
4 static H-Scenes with dialogues hidden in the level as collectibles.
3 different Weapon Modules to add firepower to Rhya’s arsenal.
Chiptune music specifically composed for the level and boss.
Thank you in advance for playing the game or reading this!
As a indie solo-dev, I have to cover many expenses, both for myself and for the game, for this reason I need all the help possible so that the game reaches as many people as possible and I can monetize it.
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