Slimegirl Smoothies

Slimegirl Smoothies

Release date: Aug 29, 2022

Developer: Schneeritter Studios

Publisher: Shady Corner Games


  • Strong Language
  • Strong Sexual Content
  • Animated Violence
Actual Gameplay
Screenshot of Slimegirl Smoothes™
Milkshakes With Lemon DLC is OUT NOW on STEAM! Lemon voiced by @_PixieWillow joins Slimey’s with four new drinks, new unlocks & four shift storymode! With a new banger beat and new mechanics! Slime Girl Smoothies keeps on getting thicker!
You have been hired to work at Slimy’s, a bar with a very unique way of serving drinks. Prepare to see a lot of jugs while mixing up some very wacky flavours.

Berry, her daughter Cherry and coworkers Mint and Plum are ready to entertain each and every order!
  • -Puzzle game play letting you mix the drinks on the menu. Take your time and get the formula right.
  • -Enjoy the show! Each girl has a unique way of serving drinks with their ‘assets’.
  • -Voices that make you melt. KumbombIvywildeMidnight Datura and Midnightblu bring each girl to life with every breath.
  • -Make memories. Every few shifts the girls will get more crazier than usual and let their freak flag fly with unlockable images. Collect them all (there is a lot).
  • -Be a perfectionist. Use your talents to make every drink and get achievements for each shift!

Amazing music by Shady Lewd Kart composer Altered Ego!

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