Release date: 2023

Developer: Charger

Publisher: Shady Corner Games


  • Strong Language
  • Strong Sexual Content
  • Animated Violence
Fawn is on a quest to impress and seduce the world’s heroes. Use your whip to take down foes, glide past enemy attacks, and transform to explore the world to it’s fullest. And maybe have a few sexual encounters along the way…
Along the way meet a colorful cast of monsters and lure them in with your power of transformation and seduction. Fawn’s taste for heroes must be satisfied, and to do that she must impress the other heroes of the world with her many talents.
5 transformations for Fawn to take hold of and shape her sexy body
A giant metroidvania style map with hours of exploration and content
4 heroes to meet and romance. As well as 2 non-heroes who can join the harem!
Relationship Progression that ties in as the story unfolds!
Voice Talents by the talented PixieWillow bring Fawn to life!
Unlockable sexy moments that you will return to many times!
Will you adventure forth as a sexy Succubus on an action adventure side scrolling love letter to retro gaming and exploration platformers?