Release date: 2023

Developer: CursedAtelier

Publisher: Shady Corner Games


  • Strong Language
  • Strong Sexual Content
  • Animated Violence
Will you succeed in availing Earth of its extraterrestrial invaders or succumb to the perils of space travel?
VoidBound is a sci-fi ero tactics RPG where you play as an engineer on a mission to free the Earth after it’s caught in the crossfire of an intergalactic alien war.

You go on an odyssey across the universe, spanning multitudes of planets and alien species mankind has never seen before.
Born to loving and supportive parents on Mars, Calideya (“Caly”) Noorani was doing what any rational person would do on a workday: Work!

However, her space-station repair job is cut short as a full-scale alien invasion of earth breaks out mid-work, interrupting her space walk. In a flash of light, she’s out of her world and into another.
From somewhere he won’t talk about doing things he REALLY doesn’t like talking about, Haar is an outcast. The big, fluffy man pilots the spaceship Setek with Jens, his even more mysterious AI companion.
Crass, loud, obnoxious, vulgar, violent, and the best wingman you’ll ever have: Vasalenti has Caly’s back just as long as that back doesn’t leave her sight.

She may be Caly’s friend and savior, but that doesn’t mean Caly isn’t a one-way ticket to payday and a good time.
Haar’s odd AI assistant.

He’s brilliant, to a truly terrifying degree, it seems. Problem is, he’s also a bit… busted. .. Maybe.
Mitsu is as adorable as he is mysterious and is always there to give Caly a friendly buzz when they’re feeling down. Part of the reclusive Ekker species, Caly rescues him from an Urtu Experiment. Time will show just what kind of role the fluffy critter will play in the great events consuming Caly’s life.
Visit many unique planets filled with dozens of maps and colorful characters
Turn-based grid combat with battle damage and lewd animations
Animated sex scenes to unlock along with dozens of story rich lewd images
Rich story to entangle you in the world of Voidbound and its cast
Voice work by NSFW Superstar PixieWillow