Zoria and the Cursed Land

Zoria and the Cursed Land

Release date: COMING SOON

Developer: AllFenom

Publisher: Shady Corner Games


  • Strong Language
  • Strong Sexual Content
  • Animated Violence
You play as Zoria Dunne, half orc adventurer (human/orc), eager to explore the world.
You end up trapped in this mysterious island covered by a dense fog filled with strange monsters, without your friends, Chocolo and Dhorgos.
Confused, you start walking around trying to find your friends with no clear direction.
Take your time exploring the ruins, forest and caves looking for your lost friends.
Once you reach the town you’ll start the real adventure.
A full explorable island filled with caves, ruins and more!
Combat mechanics that feel good.
Unique NPCs, there are no random NPCs around (Woman, Man, Kid, etc.) Everyone has their own name, story, etc. (But they may not tell you yet!)
A lot of tools to progress the story and defeat enemies.
A full set of rings with effects you can unlock.
Map of the game that unlocks as you progress.
Upgrade system for weapon and tools.
Side quests for NPCs with their own side story.